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Generation 9 Variety Pad

The Generation 9 Variety Pad is the perfect first pad for smaller families. Get the quality and durability of the original Aqua Lily Pad in a compact 6 ft by 9 ft size. Designed with 2 layers of cross-linked polyethylene foam and patented FlexCore technology, the Generation 9 Variety Pad is the most durable mat on the market! When not in use, simply roll the pad into a compact form, and secure it with our cinch straps. Colors will vary between Lime Green/Powder Blue, Green/Yellow, Red/Blue, or Orange/Teal.  

*Includes Installed Tether System and Storage Straps*

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WARNING: Gen 9 Pad should NEVER be used in water less than 6 feet deep.

Use of PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is recommended.Gen 9 Pad is not designed to be towed.

For Recreational Use Only.