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Tadpole Pool Pad

If you prefer some privacy on the water, the Tadpole Pool Pad is for you. Sunbathe like royalty in this classic floating foam lounger! Laze away with a friend or partner on our double pool pad, or claim it all to yourself on a single pool pad. Both mats are equipped with pillow straps to create a comfy cushion to rest your head-on. Enjoy it in the pool, lake, or saltwater, as this product is made from the same material as our Aqua Lily Pads. View Specs Below Portable and easy to roll. Includes Pillow Straps & Storage Bag

WARNING: Maui Mat should NEVER be used in water less than 6 feet deep.

Use of PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is recommended.Maui Mat is not designed to be towed.

For Recreational Use Only.



Not Your Average Pool Noodle

Not the average cheap pool noodle that you use for one weekend. Not Your Average Pool Noodle by Aqua Lily Products is perfect for kids and adults whether in a pool, river, or lake! It can support up to 250 pounds and is 5.5-inch-wide by 46 inches long. Featuring a ribbed texture and soft luxurious foam, this Pool Noodle has a nonslip grip, making floating comfortable and easy. Not only is it extremely more durable than a standard foam pool noodle it also conforms to the body for added comfort over extended periods of time. Whether used for relaxation or exercise, this Pool Noodle is sure to add smiles and satisfaction to your day on the water. View Specs Below  


Large Water Saddles

Hang out in the pool or the lake in style with our Large Water Saddle, a unique water toy that allows you to comfortably sit in the water leaving your arms and legs free to dangle. The Large Water saddle is made with a soft closed-cell, marine-grade foam designed for durability and freedom of movement in the water. Our saddles will support the average size adult or child comfortably and can be used for relaxing, play, or water therapy. 2 Water Saddles included! *Colors may vary. Green, blue, or yellow. Please note the Large Water Saddle is not a replacement for a life preserver and is only to be used leisurely. View Specs Below  


Water Saddles

When having a relaxing day at the lake, ocean or in your pool Aqua Lily Water Saddle is a perfect addition! Kids and Adults alike will love bobbing along in our newly designed saddle. This fun way of staying afloat will maximize your comfort for hours of hanging out in the water. 2 Water Saddles included! View Specs Below  


2 Giant Aqua Lily Pad Kickboards

A classic kickboard that is perfect for play or recreational swimming. Fits kids and adults and can be used to play water games, practice swimming, keep you afloat, and whatever your imagination desires. Most kickboards on the market use a closed-cell foam structure, making it more prone to wear and tear and sun degradation, while all of our products use a cross-linked polyethylene material that enables extra strength and buoyancy. Take your kickboard to the lake, ocean, or pool. Sold in sets of two. View Specs Below Sold in a set of 2. $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping  


Floating Cooler Table w/ 4 Cup Holders

This is the one floating accessory that everybody needs! It’s a floating table to hold your favorite drinks; it comes with 4 Coozles (cups) that perfectly fit right into the table.  The Floating Table is designed to float a standard 15” standard cooler with ice and beverages. Never worry about mislabeling your drink as the Coozles come in a variety of colors, and are strategically placed around the table surface to ensure your cooler stays in place.  Stay hydrated in style at the pool, lake, or ocean! View Specs Below