Custom Pads

Minimum Order Quantity: 350

Special order requests for thicker and/or longer / larger Aqua Lily Pads are available. If you are ordering a custom product please note that all custom ordered products must be ordered through Aqua Lily Products, by telephone at +1 (888) 415-5677. All custom product orders must be accompanied with a work order and drawing, stating all proper measurements and dimensions. Customer will be financially responsible for any and all modifications after completion of product(s).

Private Label

Minimum Order Quantity: 350

We also offer Custom Graphics for Marina, Boat Manufacturers, Private Branding and for Corporate advertisement. These pads become floating banners / billboards for your products. (Minimum orders, Graphic Design and Plate Charges will apply).

Please fill out the appropriate form and we will contact you with further instructions. This form will help us determine if your order is plausible and we will get back to you with an approximate quote for this service. For further assistance, please give us a call at +1 (888) 415-5677 for any questions regarding a custom order.