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Products Information

We manufacture our products with marine grade Cross-Linked Polyethene foam. This type of material has an extra carbon bond between polymer chains which minimizes water absorption and sun damage.  This makes Aqua Lily Pads stronger with greater durability and longevity. Some competitors resort to “closed cell” foam in their construction, to save on cost and ultimately make an inferior product that is less durable, less buoyant and prone to UV damage.

Our floating mats are the safest water toy your family can ask for. No sharp edges, no harsh materials, low in VOCs, and unsinkable! (limit of 900 lbs. – 1800 lbs. of distributed weight, depending on the type, length and construction of the pad purchased).

Our products come with the simplest instructions; simply unroll and enjoy!

When you’re done, roll it up and secure it with the included cinch straps.

For extra protection, add one of our custom storage bags that come with venting and drainage to keep your product dry and bacteria-free.

For long term storage, we recommend using a storage bag that can be purchased on our website.  The closed-cell, cross-linked foam is very tolerant to extreme temperatures.  Caution must be used to prevent small animals and insects from chewing on the foam and causing damage.

Our proprietary FlexCore technology and manufacturing processes allow us to create pads with very little roll memory. After it lies flat, the pad will conform to the position it is in and will remain flat. Our 3-layer mats don’t have FlexCore but are heavier and use a sturdy black dense core for increased durability and buoyancy which in turn, also resists roll memory.

Our 2-layer pads are the lightest and most durable pads on the market. This is attributed to our heavy investment in incorporating a proprietary fusion grid layer that adds reinforcement, and durability and imparts a rip-stop feature to the pads. Read more on our FlexCore Technology.

You have to stack people on the pad to get them to sink below the surface of the water. Consider that each adult person takes up approx. 2 ft. of space across the pad. As such, our pads can float 5 –11 adults, depending on the chosen length. This equates to supporting 900 – 1,800 lbs. of distributed weight pursuant to pad length and construction.

Aqua Lily Pads

ALP 12’ weighs 20 lbs. Accommodates 5-6 adults or 750-900 lbs. of distributed weight.

ALP 15’ weighs 25 lbs. Accommodates 7-8 adults or 1,050-1,200 lbs. of distributed weight.

ALP 18’ weighs 36 lbs. Accommodates 9-10 adults or 1,350-1,500 lbs. of distributed weight.

Bullfrog Lily Pads

BF 15’ weighs 38 lbs. Accommodates 7-8 adults or 1,260-1,400 lbs. of distributed weight.

BF 20’ weighs 48 lbs. Accommodates 10-11 adults or 1,800-1,980 lbs. of distributed weight.

Maui Mats- Only sold thru our dealer network

MM 14’ weighs 24 lbs. Accommodates 6-7 adults or 950-1,050 lbs. of distributed weight.

MM 20’ weighs 32 lbs. Accommodates 10-11 adults or 1,500-1,650 lbs. of distributed weight.

BK 22’ weighs 50 lbs. Accommodates 11-12 adults or 1,980-2,160 lbs. of distributed weight.

Your imagination is the limit with our products. The Aqua Lily Pad and Bullfrog Lily Pad are designed to withstand playing, running, roughhousing or horseplay, rolling, diving, and of course relaxing!

Our Aqua Lily Pads are Green on one side and Yellow on the other. Our Bullfrog Lily Pads are Green on one side and Yellow on the other. Our Game Changer pad is Powder Blue on one side and Light Grey on the other. Lastly, our Maui Mats are Teal on one side and Orange on the other.

Yes, special order requests for longer and/or thicker pads are available with Truck Load Minimums of around 350 pads. Please contact our customer service to place an order. +1 (888) 415-5677. Available Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

Yes, however, there is a Truck Load minimum order quantity. Please visit our Private Label Inquiry Page for more information and form submission.

We offer a variety of floating fun water products, from kickboards, smaller single persons, or pads for 2 people (Double Pad). Vinyl Coated Pool Floats, and Inflatable Floats. Visit our main category page to find these products.

The Maui Mat was created as Aqua Lily Product’s retail pad exclusive to our Marinas and Dealers. online-based Aqua Lily Pad. Visit the retail page for more information.

All of our Aqua Lily Pads are Made in the USA with US sourced materials. We are located in Elkhart, IN.

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