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Water Fun

The Aqua Lily Pad is all about maximizing your fun on-the-water. Whether the boat stops for serenity or you’re ready to float off the dock, the Aqua Lily Pad provides a safe and comfortable environment for your kids, friends, and grandparents to play, run and relax on. It’s a floating playground that will bring the entire family together! Call it a water mat, water toy, water-raft, or water float – everyone who has one calls it… WATER FUN!

Ease of Use

There is no maintenance with our Aqua Lily Pads. Simply unroll, throw it on the water, and enjoy. When you’re done for the day, just roll-up your Aqua Lily Pad into a compact bundle and secure it with the installed loop straps or place it inside our perfectly fitted Storage Bag that is vented to aid with drainage and drying. The Aqua Lily Pad is the ideal water accessory for all ages. It’s perfect for the beach, cove parties, raft floating, family gatherings and corporate outings.


Aqua Lily Pads are made of a marine grade “Cross Linked” polyethylene foam material – designed for marine applications. Be careful of other products that claim to be made with only “closed cell” foam, as this type of foam is less durable and prone to UV degradation. Crossed Linked Polyethylene materials contain an extra carbon bond between polymer chains which minimizes water absorption and sun damage.  This makes Aqua Lily Pads stronger with greater longevity, so you can enjoy a lifetime of fun.

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Not sure which Aqua Lily pad is best suited for you? Read our helpful guide : Which pad is right for you?


Established in 2009, the idea for a floating foam island came from a water enthusiast who was also a polymer sales engineer.  One day on the water with his young family, he realized the kids needed something more to keep them involved in the daylong activity of rafting with friends. In turn, he invented something that is fun and relaxing that can be used in a controlled environment: The Aqua Lily Pad!

All of our pads are produced in the US with US sourced materials. As manufacturers of our own products, we control our costs and ensure pads are made to the highest quality. We are continually innovating and offer our products in a variety of sizes and thickness to address the many end use requirements of our customers. See our pads below!