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From the Owners of Aqua Lily Pad…

We have received an amazing amount of positive customer feedback on our Aqua Lily Pads and want to share this product with as many people as possible. Be prepared to be the most popular person on the water, as long as you are willing to share your new water toy with your friends and neighbors.

The founders are water enthusiasts that lived on a lake in Southern California. They were fortunate enough, in 2009, to tap into and create new water recreational products that sparked a whole new market. As they experienced the water with their young family, they realized the kids needed something more to keep them involved in the day long activity of rafting with friends. The creator and founder, a polymer sales engineer, had customers in the foam industry, and thus the idea for a floating island / raft was born!

Maximizing customer fun on the water is what we are all about. Family and friends can get wet and play on their own private Island playground. Whether the goal is to play, rough house or simply relax and tan, our pad products and accessories are designed and manufactured for extreme versatility.

In 2014, the business was moved to the Cleveland, OH area to support the growing markets in the Midwest and the east coast. As manufacturers of our own products, we control our costs and ensure pads are made to the highest quality.

We are continually innovating and offer our products in a variety of sizes (Length) and thickness (Buoyancy) to address the many end use requirements of our customers. We also continue innovating our graphics, now offering game options for playing on the water. Our entire accessory floating products are designed to enhance the on-water experience and fun for family and friends.

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